Hello and welcome to our first travel for a cause fundraiser. I am so honored to offer this opportunity for organizations who's sole purpose is saving, rescuing and/or locating lost furbabies. My name is Dawn Makowski, owner of Throttle Travel, and a furmom of two rescues and over a dozen fosters. I've been in the rescue world for about 10 years. My last foster, Bear, who lives better than us at times, is the reason we no longer are able to foster. And, of course, a second dog (Trixie, aka Full of Tricks), busy lifestyle, grandchild and jobs. We brought Bear into our home due to an emergency need for a foster. He was being return from a recent adoption, through really no fault of his own (okay maybe he had a little to do with.) As hard as rescues try to vet adopters, it's impossible to have 100% perfect match. When they posted the request for a foster and his photo, I remember looking at his face and saying, "he can't be that bad", must be something wrong with the humans. Well, he's not bad, just misunderstood. So with us he will live his life out, steal chicken breast off the stove and still live to dream about doing it again; Take the kitchen sink drain and lick every remnant of food off it; Bust out of crates, even at dock diving classes; Steal moms socks while she's showering and forever offer wet, drooling licks and 70 pound hugs while knocking you over. It's a fairytale for dogs, one specifically named Bear. He has a sister furbaby, Trixie. She's doesn't have an innocent background either. At forty pounds, she once was an agility super star. That is until she took out her furmom during a tunnel exercise. She thought there was food on the turf and changed her mind about the tunnel. It was fun, but food is better. Are we seeing a theme here...LOL. Four fractures and two blood clots later she's still around, I still tell the story and we know who really runs the house. Rescues across the country work through the enormous effort of volunteers. They are funded through adoptions, events and fundraisers. We are hoping we can give a little back to help with vet bills, food for fosters, transports to safe haven states, training, supplies and educational programs. 

Throttle Travel LLC has partnered with Norwegian to offer you an amazing vacation on board the Norwegian Escape, visiting five fabulous destinations, an abundance of activities while at sea, and  delicious food and beverages for you to enjoy throughout your cruise. Icing on the vacation cake...a $100 donations to the organization that you select (per cabin). You deposit holds your cabin and an amazing adventure at seas. "Seas The Day" today with your next vacation!
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Join us on the Norwegian Escape
 7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Sailing out of Port Canaveral
February 3, 2024 - February 10, 2024
Prices below are double occupancy (two people)
Balcony  $3,160, includes WIFI, Beverage Package,
$50 Shore Excursion, Travel Protection, and Specialty Dining
Inside $2,460, includes two choices from amenities list (gratuities not included), and Travel Protection
Doesn't Include Flights, Incidentals and Transfers to/from port
(Please note that the newsletter says January in error. This cruise is in February)

Every Cabin = $100 Fundraising Donation

Norwegian loves furbabies too! Take a vacation and your favorite rescue will receive $100 after you return from visiting amazing destinations. You designate the organization at time of booking and with a low, refundable, deposit of $250 you can secure your 2024 vacation! 
LARG - Click Here
LARG - Website

Lost Animal Rescue Group (LARG)

LARG (Lost Animal Resource Group) is a volunteer-based East Coast organization that helps to find and  humanely capture lost family pets, stray dogs, cats and other animals.  Typically, these animals can't be easily caught, picked up or captured through ordinary means.  Getting these animals to safety often requires patience, strategy, skill and equipment, as well as time and resources.
Billy's Posse Inc - Facebook
Billy Posse - Webiste

Billy's Posse Inc

Why did this organization get started? Billy went missing in the neighborhood and neighboring park of our Executive Director, Kristin M Wilson in March of 2017. She helped his owner for a month in the tracking and trapping of Billy.

So much was learned by The Retrievers of MN. What to do, how to do it, and more importantly .... what NOT to do. She learned about the Missy Trap from them, as well. Billy's owner constructed one once a feeding station established with the help of Kristin's friend, who's property abutted the park and Billy visited almost daily ... to eat with the deer and ducks! He was trapped on this property, in a Missy Trap, one month to the day from when he went missing.

There is such a satisfaction, and huge relief, to know a dog is no longer out in our dangerous world of vehicles and people. So much was learned. And Kristin soon found others wanting to do the same thing with their spare time. And so, informally, Billy's Posse began. 

Meet Homer

Our journey started over 10 years ago after the passing of our family furbaby, Rusty. Rusty rescued us from a corner in Odessa, Missouri. We were visiting family and a lady was giving away puppies out of a playpen. Mind you, this was about 25 years ago, and not even sure rescues were conceived yet. As we looked over the tiny pups that were active and vocal we immediately knew who selected us. The quiet one on the bottom, big eyes just staring at us. He stole our heart that day. Rusty was the best dog a family could ask for. He grew to be 80+ pounds, full of fur and personality! He blessed us with 15 years of pure joy and love. Soon after our loss, thanks to the internet, we were looking to fill the void. Not 100% sure if we were ready and what kind of dog we wanted we came across a request for foster homes for a local rescue. As we continued to heal, cry and live through our memories we opened our home to fostering. Our first  fosters, yes plural, arrived and we've never looked back or had with regrets. The photo above is Homer, one of our first foster furbabies. When he first came to us we thought he was healthy. We began to do meet n' greets with potential adopters. During one of these meet n' greets we had to take Homer out to the potential adopters home to meet the other animals. You see, there was a horse, a dog and cats. Homer had never seen a horse before and when it walked into the stable, well it was a Kodak moment. This family ended up adopting Homer, but they had to wait. You see, Homer had an infection in both his large and small intestine. He also had been shot with a BB gun. While the pellet remained lodged in his shoulder for his lifetime, it posed no harm to him. Homer stayed with us for a few weeks until he was fully healed and ready to go to his furever home. He has since passed on but will forever hold a special place in our hearts for many reasons. He was our first foster love and our first foster heartbreak. He was very loved and lived a good life on the farm. 
We've loved every foster, and shed many tears. No lie, they are sometimes very hard to let go, but each tear was worth it. Saving furbabies is possible through the amazing rescues and volunteers that support them. 


Humane Society
The Wisconsin Humane Society, a 501 (c)(3), was founded in 1879 and provides services for over 40,000 animals annually. Like many other organizations they receive no government assistance. They offer education, low cost spay/neuter clinics, dog training, rehabilitation and much more. 
LMR - Facebook
LMR - Website

Lucky Mutts Rescue (LMR)

We operate on a foster and volunteer based, not-for-profit model, and focus of dogs facing euthanasia due to placement in high kill shelters, overpopulation, abuse & neglect, or owner surrender.  

We pride ourselves on working with applicants to find the perfect fit to add to their family.  We work diligently to match our dogs to families where they can blossom and feel safe and comfortable.  There is no average time frame that one of our Lucky Mutts will be in a foster home. 

Some dogs may be adopted in a matter of days, and others may take months.  Whatever it takes to find our dogs the best fit family is what we strive for.   

In one year, our volunteers have processed over 3300 applications. We are proud of our approval process, and do the absolute best to match our available dogs with the best applicants to meet their needs. 

At Lucky Mutts Rescue our focus is on successful, quality adoptions, rather than how many adoptions we complete.   From pulling dogs from high kill shelters, to assigning dogs to their foster homes, scheduling adoptions, replying to messages and emails, fundraising, working with owners to surrender their pets, stuffing folders, fielding medical questions or concerns, to driving over 24 hours in a weekend to bring our dogs to safety, and every task in between, our volunteers never stop working! 

All of our volunteers have families, work full time jobs, sometimes two, coach sports, and more, yet always make time in their busy schedules to ensure our dogs are cared for and loved. 

We take pride in our work, and love happy endings for our adopters and dogs, that may have experienced rough beginnings.  Thank you for choosing Lucky Mutts Rescue!

We educate every potential adopter on the dogs needs, requirements and expectations involved with adding a new dog to their home.  LMR provides a community of support for all of our adopters. 

Partners With Paws  Service Dogs

"changing lives four paws at a time"
At Partners with Paws Service Dog Corporation we raise and train service dogs for individuals with disabilities.

7 Days. 5 Ports. 1 Amazing Vacation.

Set sail to paradise on an exciting cruise aboard Norwegian Escape. For stunning views, take a cable car ride to the peak of Mount Isabel de Torres in Puerto Plata. Take in the beautiful turquoise waters and the laidback Caribbean vibes on Long Bay Beach in Tortola. Day dreaming about your own private island? Grab a frozen drink and lounge in your private beachfront cabana on Great Stirrup Cay, our tropical paradise that’s just for you.


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