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The Content Audit: The final word(s) on the quality vs quantity debate.
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Mackenzie Institute

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“They’ve brought innovative thinking and practical solutions to help us manage the auditing, categorizing, and strategic positioning of several years worth of accumulated content. They’ve integrated well with our Agile & Kanban working teams, allowing a seamless extension of our small team to cover a significant amount of area. (They) are a pleasure to work with.”

- Brad Rogers, Director, CRM & Content Strategy, Mackenzie Investments

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How to audit your content.

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The small business guide to auditing content.

Want to chat about how content audits can help you streamline your content and improve conversions.

Or if you’re further along in the process and want to chat about ways to update, centralize and automate your content, drop us a note to set up a time to chat. We’ll give you 45 minutes for free, for the love of it!

why bother with content audits?

Ask yourself, what content do you have and what’s working for you?

At its simplest, a content audit is the act of taking all, or a subset of, your content and analyzing its performance. It’s the single most effective way to establish the performance and ROI of your digital marketing.

With up to 70% of all content in a virtual wasteland of unused, unappreciated, and yes, wasted effort, a content audit is crucial to tell if each piece of content works as it should (and can be kept as is), or if it’s underperforming (and must be updated, deleted, brought together with other pieces of content, or linked or redirected to other pieces).

If 50% less content can get you 80% better results, don’t you think it’s time to audit your content?

top 5 benefits of a content audit

  • Identifies poorly performing content so you can delete, update or repurpose
  • Diagnoses content gaps that need to be filled
  • Allows you to review the creative experience you’re giving your audience
  • Maximizes conversion rates (evaluate content performance by type, topic, time spent an determine its
    contribution to sourced and attributed revenue)
  • Provides opportunities to focus on delivering higher-ranking content (quality over quantity)
  • Enhances authority, ranking and reputation as you take the guesswork out of your content marketing strategy

If doing this internally seems like a stretch with your team’s current workload, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t outsource your audit.

Sometimes fresh eyes can be all that’s needed to revive your content strategy. Call us for a free 45-minute consult on how to get the most out of your content.

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