Increase your digital marketing ROI and share content that actually converts with our definitive guide to doing online, collaborative content audits using Kanban.

Learn how to transform the daunting task of a content audit into one that becomes both easy and fun (two words you’d never expect to hear in content auditing).
Download the game-changing Definitive Guide to Content Audits.
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With our revolutionary approach, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ditch the excel spreadsheet for good with an agile, online system to review hundreds of pieces of content across multiple channels, quickly and easily
  • Create tasks that flow from one stage to the next and through to completion
  • Engage multiple stakeholders and content owners throughout the process
  • Critically evaluate your content and ruthlessly eliminate underperforming pieces for better results
  • Impress your boss with a system so efficient that everyone becomes a content audit convert

There is a better way.

We’ll take you through this method step-by-step so you can start using it without wasting another second (minimizing the overwhelm and TMI that keeps you up at night when audit time is nigh).
Uncover trade secrets that will make your content audit 10 times more efficient, with priceless insights into how your content is performing and what to do about it.
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Who are we?

We are c+p digital 
We are obsessed with simplification.
All things are likely possible when you simplify. Digital return on investment certainly is. And we fanatically believe that @ c+p digital.
We are an agile, full-service marketing agency. (In the current avatar of digital #WatchThisSpace)
We deliver simplification through a deep focus on audience pain points. This drives marketing solutions and programs that break through digital clutter. And that decluttering is where exponential results come from.
We are a team of senior digital marketing consultants who like nothing better than sinking our teeth into a scary problem. And making it go away!
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