May the words 'How much should I charge for this?' never cross your lips again.

Pricing your projects, and knowing how much you have for your outsourcing and contracting needs can be as easy as entering a few digits. Legit.

When you download this uber simplified tool.
Get the free pricing tool

With this super simple tool you can work 2 ways. 

  1. If you have a blank slate and need to decide what you must charge, you'd start from the costs you have to incur (ie: taxes, overhead, talent, stuff) and the tool will give you a total. You can modify variables as you prefer.

  2. If you've been asked to work with a budget, this tool will allow you to input the total and break it into what you can afford in the areas you define (ie: taxes, obvs. but also talent, stuff etc.

Ditch the guesswork. 
Whether your project needs to be priced from scratch, or you need to decide if a proposed budget works within your infrastructure cost, this tool can help you.

It really is super liberating when you know you've covered your bases.
I want the free pricing tool

The origin story

My name is Susan Diaz, and my company is a digital marketing firm called c+p digital. We focus on creating content and experiences that convert.

I started as a solopreneur, and pricing was the bane of my existence. My husband Mithran Stone is a senior financial analyst who built this tool with my business as a prototype; to help kill money angst for people like me who perhaps would undercharge all the time, and give people indiscriminate discounts.
I passed it along to a few of my friends, and then used it as I grew my business to help me leverage the maximum amount of dollars for my staffing and infrastructure needs for some very complex long-term projects.
It's super simple and based on the principle of time costs, which is what many of us use as the basis of pricing projects, even if that's not how we price to clients.
We are looking for feedback to build this into an app with much more functionality and customizability. But first, we want real users to use and experience it. 
Try it? It can only help; even if not fix the world's problems :)
Yes! Pricing tool please.

Who are we?

We are c+p digital 
We are obsessed with simplification.
All things are likely possible when you simplify. Digital return on investment certainly is. And we fanatically believe that @ c+p digital.
We are an agile, full-service marketing agency. (In the current avatar of digital #WatchThisSpace)
We deliver simplification through a deep focus on audience pain points. This drives marketing solutions and programs that break through digital clutter. And that decluttering is where exponential results come from.
We are a team of senior digital marketing consultants who like nothing better than sinking our teeth into a scary problem. And making it go away!
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