Repeat after us:  
Algorithm mastery is the new viral marketing

Maybe say that out loud one more time. 
Let it sink in. 
We are giving you one of the best tools we have in our digital marketing arsenal - our Unplug and Play Content Calendar. It’s free.  

And it’s one of the simplest, yet most effective downloads you’ll ever make.
Download the free tool
Why you will love this:
You can say goodbye to desperation - that ongoing stress to find mass, viral visibility with repeated 500-word blog posts. We’re freeing you from this. For good.
Results will come from getting the algorithms to prioritize you because you are a quality publisher of content in different formats, consistently.
We’ve done the ‘science’ here. We came up with the formulas. You just need to plug in the creativity.
We even include a full guide on how to use it. 
And that’s not even the best part...
Our Unplug and Play Content Calendar template forces to close the laptop, pull out some coloured pens, and kick that right brain of yours into high gear.
Embrace the offline.
If only for this exercise, see what the power of the mighty pen can do once again. It will change the game for you.

Simplifying your approach to content planning
= Simplifying results
= Happy you + Happy boss. 
Download the free tool
And the very last reason to get this: Every Unplug and Play Content Calendar download comes with access to our free 24 hour c+p digital ‘simplification hotline’.* In any time of content crisis, you can reach us. We got you.  

*Disclaimer:  we don’t actually man a 24 hour hotline, but we will offer a free 30-minute ‘simplification call’ to help you with whatever marketing dilemma is complicating your life.

Who are we?

We are c+p digital. 

We are c+p digital We are obsessed with simplification.
All things are likely possible when you simplify. Digital return on investment certainly is. And we fanatically believe that @ c+p digital.
We are an agile, full-service marketing agency. (In the current avatar of digital #WatchThisSpace)
We deliver simplification through a deep focus on audience pain points. This drives marketing solutions and programs that break through digital clutter. And that decluttering is where exponential results come from.
We are a team of senior digital marketing consultants who like nothing better than sinking our teeth into a scary problem. And making it go away!

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