Do you have a content marketing strategy?

If you don’t, that’s the place to start. Because, very little is as accountable as marketing good content to clearly understood audiences. And planning is where results come from.

Think about this, you’re already on social media. Probably up and running on Facebook and Twitter. And your LinkedIn profile is really not bad. But you hear what the world says about the importance of visual content and you’re so on board… Do you drop what you’re doing and rush over to the closest Instagram square? Maybe you’ll have more success than the crickets you’re currently hearing elsewhere? If you do, what do you fill into those squares-for-days? And YouTube, with all this native video floating around, nobody ever visits a channel, you say.

How do you make any impact in this space! Gaaack it’s all too much!

Help is at hand! What you need is some help with planning effectively so you can execute yourself. Customized one-on-one attention and solutions that work for your goals – not a pre-packaged, one-size-fits all.
1. A preliminary questionnaire that I will send you to work on for an hour to 90 minutes to help you get the creative juices flowing, and, equally importantly, start thinking about the accountability you want from your efforts. You will get this document to me a few days ahead of our day together.

2. I will spend some time ahead of our session, reviewing your notes.

3.  2×3-hour sessions covering:
  • Brainstorming and strategy. 
    We will start with the filled out document as our launch pad. We’ll go over it and start ideating for the ‘brain dump’ portion of the proceedings.  We’ll then  follow a process to focus on a few actionable insights.

    You leave with:
     A clear plan for your content presence. We’ll come up with strategies and the tactics to support them. Areas for content creation and curation will be arrived at here.

  • Calendaring and delivery plan
    In this session, we’ll crystallize the ideas that come out of the first session and put it into a calendar that you will use to execute. We’ll pick the pace that makes the most sense for you. We’ll set up the channels from scratch or clean up your profiles for ‘findability’ if you already have the channels. We’ll discuss the start of automation by the way of tools you need for delivery. (There will be some subscription tools I’ll recommend for ease. We’ll aim to keep your costs at between $20-50 a month as you prefer. There are free tools, but they come with additional time inputs so we’ll discuss merits). We will also discuss options for executing your calendar – DIY with a clear MO, where to use VA/Intern help, etc. And the final piece of this session will be accountability. We will discuss metrics to track and how to look into your performance in the space.

    You leave with: 
    A calendar and our collective notes on delivery.

4.  Once you have that, you’ll go away and start putting out content immediately, and building a community. The first week or two will be your training ground, during which I encourage you to keep a running list of questions and we will launch into a 60 minute ‘fix-it’ call. Here’s where we will troubleshoot, fill in any gaps you’re finding in your execution and make sure you’re comfortable to keep your content calendar going. (Should you run into any issues and not be able to proceed in the first week, I am happy to support with a quick call/texts as you prefer. I am not a technology person, but will be happy to point you in the direction of the right approach to get help/try to sort it out together.)

5.  The final piece of the puzzle is a check in after a month. Again, a running list helps here. We’ll do another 60-minute catch up. We’ll adjust strategies as applicable and factor in any new considerations that might’ve come up in the execution. We’ll also use this meeting to make sure your metrics are being appropriately tracked.

Options for delivery
We can approach this one of two ways, depending on your preference.
If you are in Toronto, or surrounds, and would like this to feel truly like a focused get away to get your content into shape, we can meet face to face. I will take you for a day out, in a wonderful setting. We’ve split the two sessions with lunch and use the time to further chat through things.

If you are further out, or just not a face-to-face person, that’s fine too. I got ya! We can spend the day digitally using video chat. The effect is similar. You’ll still have a lunch break, just by yourself to recharge and absorb the morning’s activity.

The cost of the package varies based on the method of delivery you prefer. Whichever way you choose to go, your investment is under CAD 1500.
Get in touch for pricing
Fees due in 2 payments, 50% at sign up for scheduling, and 50% on your full day with me.

If you’d like to see if this package is for you, please contact us here, and we can set up a free 15-minute call to see if we are a fit.

Who are we?
We are c+p digital 
We are obsessed with simplification.
All things are likely possible when you simplify. Digital return on investment certainly is. And we fanatically believe that @ c+p digital.
We are an agile, full-service marketing agency. (In the current avatar of digital #WatchThisSpace)
We deliver simplification through a deep focus on audience pain points. This drives marketing solutions and programs that break through digital clutter. And that decluttering is where exponential results come from.
We are a team of senior digital marketing consultants who like nothing better than sinking our teeth into a scary problem. And making it go away!
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