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We get it. Subscription fatigue is real. That’s why our friends at Cokesbury put together this Lenten Sampler to help you with your decision-making! Inside, you can read the first chapter of each new Lenten study, take a look at a new Lenten devotional, and find links to the first video session in each study which you can watch for FREE! Or you can simply click on the images below to watch the first full session immediately ;).

Lent 2024 Studies

Remember: God's Covenant and the Cross

In this study, Susan Robb leads readers through the covenants with Noah, Abraham, and others - followed by the New Covenant established on Maundy Thursday. The study culminates with an examination of the cross as another example of God’s promise for a new world.
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The Third Day: Living the Resurrection

Tom Berlin uses his gifts of storytelling and understanding the Scriptures to connect the reader to the experiences of several individuals around Jesus in his final days, focusing on new life and redemption rather than loss.
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Jesus came to lift up the lowly. Throughout his ministry to his final days on the road to the cross, we find stories of his relationships with ordinary, flawed, and unexpected people. He met, dined, and traveled with people who were not perfect. Many of them were struggling, some were outsiders or even outlaws. Whoever they were, from those he healed to the outlaws with him at his crucifixion, Jesus brought the good news of God’s kingdom to those who most needed to hear it.

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