Virtual Summer Camps
We're taking the STEAM fun online with our virtual camps. These programs include plenty of activity breaks to make sure your child stays active and engaged. Most programs require about a gallon size bag of LEGO® bricks.

What Does an Online Camp Look Like? 

Available Classes 

Unable to commit to a 3 hour camp? Our 1 hour daily virtual classes provide enriching STEM fun in a dyanmic enviroment! Programs require about a gallon size bag of LEGO bricks and each class is a different theme! 
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Available Camps 

August 24-28
Snapology Movie Favorites Online Camp (9am-12pm EST)
Come bring your favorite animated movies to LEGO® life! Movies such as the Lion King™, Toy Story™, and How to Train Your Dragon™ etc will all be recreated using imagination and LEGO® bricks in this fun program!
August 31- Sept 4
Amazing Race and STEM Survivor Online Camp (9am-12pm EST)
Are you ready for an adventure? Send your learner on a trip with Snapology around the world to discover unique aspects of different cultures, including national flags, traditional cuisines, influential artists, and notable historical landmarks! Not only will your student be learning about world cultures and developing an appreciation for cultural differences, but they will be competing in fun challenges to test their building and problem-solving skills. Does your learner have what it takes to be a STEM Survivor? Throughout the program, students will be challenged to design and build complicated objects, work cooperatively with others to secure their place on a team, and compete to be the fastest and most precise competitors in the class. Although the tasks will be challenging, they will be structured and guided by a trained Snapologist who will make sure your child gets the support they need to be successful and get the most out of this unique, challenging program!
Sept 7-11th
SuperStructures: Architecture and Engineering Online Camp (9am-12pm EST)
Does your builder enjoy designing beautiful buildings or functional spaces for their mini-figures? If so, this program is the perfect space for your young architect to sharpen their design and building skills! All buildings, from the Empire State Building to the house next door, started as an idea in an architect’s head. Students will learn how to take an idea from their head and turn it into a building in the real world. They will be guided through the building process, from creating a floor plan to disaster-proofing the structure, so that they will be able to create the next best thing in LEGO® architecture!

August 24-28
Castles, Kingdoms, and Wizards Online Camp (1:00pm-4:00pm EST)

Who wouldn’t want to escape and play in the world of magic, fairytales, and royalty? In Snapology’s Castles, Kingdoms, and Wizards program, students will have the opportunity to use LEGO® bricks to design their medieval fantasies while also bringing the real history to life! Yes, your student will do more than just build with LEGO® bricks, they will build their historical understanding of the unique elements that make the medieval time period such a fascinating point in human history.

August 31- Sept 4
Brick City & Planes, Trains, Automobiles Camp (1:00-4:00pm EST)

In Snapology’s Planes, Trains, and Automobiles program, children will explore the world of transportation. Students will build models of their favorite forms of transportation as they learn about energy, wheels and axles, air resistance, and more. They will also learn about the history and modern use of these vehicles, and apply this knowledge to their builds

Sept 7-11th
Epic Mining and Building: Minecraft Themed Online Camp (1pm-4pm EST)
Travel to the Nether with Snapology—but watch out for those creepers! Come join us as we bring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks. Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own LEGO® Minecraft® character.  From the virtual 2D world of Minecraft to the physical realm of this reality, your child will still practice their creativity and construction skills using the themes they know and love. As much fun as worldbuilding is in Minecraft with unlimited resources, the restrictions and challenges posed in Snapology’s Minecraft Epic Camp will have them thinking of Minecraft and construction in new ways. Not only do we embrace the game’s ability to educate students about core
concepts, we use it to creatively build on engineering concepts using LEGO first.


Going to Miss Virtual Camp?

Try our Virtual After-School Program!

We understand that the limitations of each of the learning options schools provide can be challenging for students and parents, so we are taking our popular Snapology STEAM classes and camps online! Snapology is offering daily online programs for students 4-14 either in 1- hour or multi-hour formats. We have adapted our curriculum so that your child can make their screen time count with engaging and entertaining STEAM enrichment!

1 Hour STEAM Classes: Monday-Friday
Full Multi-Hour After-School Programs: Monday-Friday
Speciality Workshops
Create your own virtual after-school pod or join an existing class below at your leisure! 

Schools Can Reopen This Fall

Snapology Can Help
While in-person teaching has its risks, pandemic pods, also known as micro-schools, allow the same group of children to be in contact with one another on a day-to-day basis, minimizing some of the risks of being exposed to a full classroom of students. As long as each family participating in the pod is practicing safe social distancing and wearing masks in public, this is one solution for parents to provide schooling, child care, and socialization to their children in a world where options are very limited.
Micro-schooling can look different from family to family, but the main goal is to provide students, whose schooling has been upended, with a structured, at-home learning experience led by an educator the family can trust. 
Several parents are organizing their own Pods, while others are looking to be paired with local famliies.  As schools plan to re-open, Snapology has configured the below options to best support your children in their primary and supplemental education endeavors. 

A Word on Screentime

Our programs are designed so that the only use of the screen or device is to simply instruct the students. The core of our programs are always focused on building, creating, designing and problem solving. While the student will have the screen on, their focus will be on the LEGO bricks and other materials they have in front of them, just as if they were in person with us. The screen simply puts the teacher safely in the room with the group of children.

Therefore, you can feel good about having your child spend time in our workshops and camp programs as their focus is not mindlessly on the screen. Their imaginations will soar as the build, learn and play with their instructor and fellow camp-mates.

We look forward to having your child in our programs and we appreciate your support of our small business.

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