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Summer Camp Registration Is Open

We're looking forward to a summer full of fun STEAM activities! Whether in-person or online, Snapology has options for your family this summer. You can confidently book your summer camps knowing that we will be abiding by the provincial guidelines for ‘stay at home’, social distancing and small group gatherings. We are prepared to offer safe programs both online and in-person in a small group setting. If it’s not possible to provide a particular week of summer camp in a safe format for your child, we’ll notify you immediately with alternatives. 

We will continuously be abiding by provincial guidelines, New Brunswick government’s requirements for compliance to operate summer camp during the COVID-19 recovery phase. The safety of our students and their families is of utmost importance, particularly during this unprecedented time.
So go ahead and start booking those summer camps now!
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In-person Camps
Join us in-person for our boutique camps. We've reduced the size of each camp to 10 students and will adhere to social distancing guidelines by providing each child individual tools and making sure each student has adequate space to work. 

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Virtual Parties & Playdates
Looking for a way to celebrate your child's special day or just get some kids together for an afternoon of fun? Snapology offers awesome playdates and birthday parties. Kids will have the change to interact and play but shhh... don't tell them it's educational.
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Forming a COVID-19 social bubble, also known as a pod, or a "quaranteam," is a huge topic of conversation as we try to stay safe while simultaneously doing more. It's a simple concept in theory. You agree to only have contact with a small group of others and practice social distancing with everyone else. At Snapology- we can help make these bubbles more enriching, dynamic, and FUN. Snapology is committed to helping local families both in-person and virtually connect families and young friends.
Private Structured Playdates
Private Summer Camps
Birthday Parties
Private LEGO®-Themed Classes
Private Fall Afterschool Enrichment Programs
Contact us for more information on our safety precautions or to set up your custom event today!

A Word on Screen Time

Our programs are designed so that the only use of the screen or device is to simply instruct the students. The core of our programs are always focused on building, creating, designing and problem solving. While the student will have the screen on, their focus will be on the LEGO bricks and other materials they have in front of them, just as if they were in person with us. The screen simply puts the teacher safely in the room with the group of children.

Therefore, you can feel good about having your child spend time in our workshops and camp programs as their focus is not mindlessly on the screen. Their imaginations will soar as the build, learn and play with their instructor and fellow camp-mates.

We look forward to having your child in our programs and we appreciate your support of our small business.
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