Slim and smooth your skin's appearance with this 60-minute body treatment. Blended with warming and moisturizing niacin, cinnamon, and deeply-nourishing aloe, the contour will give nothing but confidence-building results - no matter the angle.


When you come in for a M’Lis Body Contouring appointment, you can be prepared for a relaxing hour of cleansing. The first step in the process includes an exfoliation of the skin to prepare for the wrap. This step is necessary to remove dead skin cells, toxins on the skin, and product to prepare your skin to fully absorb the Body Contour Cream.

After exfoliation, the wrap cream will be applied from the neck to the ankles except for the breast and genital area. The entire area that the wrap cream was applied will then be wrapped in plastic wrap to create even pressure on the body. This plastic wrap is stretchy and allows us to contour and shape your body’s tissues. After 60 minutes, the plastic will be removed and any excess cream will be massaged into the skin.


How long will the inch loss last/ will the inches come back?
The inch loss is permanent as long as a healthy lifestyle is

What ingredient causes the inch loss?
Niacin. Otherwise known as Vitamin B3.

How does this cause inch loss?
This stimulates lymphatic and circulatory flow in the body. This assists in waste removal.

How long should one wait to shower after performing the wrap?
It is recommended one wait 6-8 hours. There is potential to lose up to another 1⁄2 inch at this time.

How can one maximize the inch loss of this wrap?
Drink lots of water before and after. One can safely drink half their body weight in ounces of water a day. This will assist in waste removal.

Ensure that the maintenance lotion is used every day after the bath or the shower.
Ensure that you use the body exfoliator prior to the wrap cream, as well as a minimum of 3 times a week while bathing.

Is this a water loss wrap?
No, this is not. Because of the nature of the cream, it assists hydration.

Could one have an allergic reaction to the cream?
Yes, if one has an overabundance of niacin stored in the body one may have a reaction. Also, if one has sensitivity towards cinnamon. Review the “Understanding Contour Cream” document for more information.

What happens if a reaction occurs?
The skin may become itchy and red. This is very temporary. The discomfort continues, one may take an antihistamine, or soak in a baking soda bath. Review the “Understanding Contour Cream” document for more information.

Should one sweat during the wrap?
It is not recommended that the body become overly hot while wrapped. Sweating is not recommended. It is recommended that the body is warm. This will assist in absorption. Alternately, if one is too cold it will close off the pores and not allow for proper penetration of the cream.