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Snapology Virtual Camps will run from June through August and will include a variety of STEAM learning concepts and Themes.  Children will need to have a good assortment of LEGO(R) bricks to use for building their own creations inspired by the lessons taught by our Snapologists.  Half Day and Full Week options for enrollment are available.  Morning Session runs 9 am to 12 pm ET.  Afternoon Session runs 1 pm to 4 pm ET.

Single Day, Half Day Camp - $25

Full Week, Half Day Camp - $125

Virtual Camp Schedule


We are offering half and full day in person Summer STEAM Camps this year!  In person camps will have small group sizes, children will be socially distanced, each child will have their own kit and supplies, and additional sanitation measures will be taken prior to, during and after each camp session.  See additional details below about measures we'll be taking to create a safe camp experience for all children.  
Morning Session runs 9 am to 12 pm ET.  Afternoon Session runs 1 pm to 4 pm ET.  Early drop off as early as 8 am.  Late pick-up as late as 5 pm.
Camps Location: The EDGE Teen Center (across from Lakota East H.S.) 

Full Week, Half Day Camp - $149

Full Week, Full Day Camp - $249
In Person Camp Schedule

July 6th - 10th: STEAM Lab / Mining & Building

Ages 5 - 14
In Snapology’s STEAM Lab Camp, your learner will be taught STEAM concepts which he/she will then use to create a variety of structures, robots, machines, and more to solve challenges presented to them in this exciting enrichment camp!
Travel to the Nether with Snapology, but watch out for those creepers! Come join us as we bring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks. STEAM concepts are taught and Minecraft themes are incorporated to inspire children to create their own world of animals, creepers and their very own Minecraft® character.
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July 13th - 17th: Superheroes / Movie Favorites

Ages 5 - 14
In our Superheroes camp, students are taught STEAM concepts and how they relate to their favorite Superheroes. Students will design their own superheroes using LEGO® bricks, create their own adventure and comic strip. They will have a blast creating their own fantasy world of superheroes.
In our Movie Favorites Camp, campers will learn STEAM concepts and how they relate to the characters, scenery and plots of their favorite animated movies. Movie themes that will be explored include: Frozen, the Lion King, Toy Story, How To Train Your Dragon and LEGO Movie Mania. This camp will give your child the opportunity to bring their favorite characters to life. It’s going to be a blast!
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July 20th - 24th: Amazing Race / Jedi Masters

Ages 5 - 14
Are you ready for an adventure? Send your learner on a trip with Snapology around the world to discover unique aspects of different cultures, including national flags, traditional cuisines, influential artists, and notable historical landmarks in our Amazing Race Camp! Not only will your student be learning about world cultures and developing an appreciation for cultural differences, but they will be competing in fun challenges to test their building and problem-solving skills.
If your child loves Star Wars®, our Jedi Masters/Adventures wtih Star Wars Camp is the camp for them! Students will participate in Star Wars® themed activities using LEGO® bricks and other interactive learning tools, build scenes from the movie, build ships, lightsabers, you name it...May the force be with you!
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Aug 3rd - 7th: Superstructures / Mini Figure Mania or Video Game Design (9 - 14)

Ages 5 - 14
Can you design the next Taj Mahal? Come create and build the future using LEGO® bricks in Snapology’s new and exciting Architecture Superstructures Camp!
During our Mini Figure Mania Camp STEAM concepts will be taught and incorporated into building things suitable for mini-figures. Join us as we shrink ourselves to mini-figure size and create our own mini-figure worlds.
Create your own video games in our awesome Video Game Design Camp. We'll teach you how to design your very own online game that can be shared and played at home.
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Partnerships & Custom Events

Let Snapology bring a STEAM Class, Workshop, In House Field Trip or Camp to your location.  Or let us give your child a super fun Birthday Party!  We have options for children ages 2 to 14 and the ability to customize the theme for your event!  Contact us today to create the ultimate fun learning event!
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