Q:  How many days in advance do I have to get my RT-PCR Nasal Swab Test before I travel to the Bahamas?
The RT-PCR test is required within five (5) days of travel (test day counts as day zero).  Apply and upload the results ASAP at travel.gov.bs to begin the Travel Health Visa process.

Q: How long does it take to get the Travel Health Visa?
It usually is turned around quickly, however it can take up to 72 hours.  Upload your test results and apply as early as possible.  

Q:  Is there someone that I can contact if I have issues with the Travel Health Visa?
Yes!  Contact the Travel Health Visa Compliance Center at (242) 502-0829 or healthvisa@bahamas.com for assistance.

Q:  Is there a cost for the Travel Health Visa?
Yes!  The cost breakdown is as follows:
$  - Visitors Staying up to four nights and five days
$  - Citizens and Returning Residents
$  - Visitors staying more than four nights
FREE - Children 10 and Under

Q:  What does the cost include? 
The cost is dependent upon your length of stay in the Bahamas.  If you are staying up to four nights, the fee includes your Travel Health Visa, a Rapid Antigen Test for your departure back to the US, and mandatory Covid Travel Health Insurance.  If you are staying more than four nights, the fee includes your Travel Health Visa, a Rapid Antigen test for your 5th day, a Rapid Antigen Test for your departure back to the US, and mandatory Covid Travel Health Insurance.

Q:  Where do I get my 5th Day test or my Departure test?
SCYC is pleased to announce that testing is available right on property! Please visit livingwithcovid.org to locate other test sites in the Out Islands.

Q:  Do I have to be staying at SCYC to get my test?
No.  All Visitors (whether staying on our property, on or near the island, in another location, or on a boat) will be able to take the Day 5 Test and/or their Departure test at SCYC!

Q: Who do I contact to get more information about testing at SCYC?
Contact covidtesting@stanielcay.com or call (242) 355-2024

Q: Do I have to have an appointment to get my test at SCYC?
For groups larger than 6 persons, please call (242) 355-2024 or email covidtesting@stanielcay.com 48 hours in advance.

Q: Can you bring the test to me?
Yes! We are available to come to you for a fee.  Please call 48 hours in advance for off-site testing requests.

Q:  What if my Rapid Antigen Test is positive?
There are three options to cover every angle! 
Option 1: Those who test positive with no symptoms can quarantine in place for up to 14 days.  The insurance will cover hotel costs to quarantine.
Option 2: Those who test positive with no symptoms but have pre-existing medical conditions, will have the option to be medically evacuated out of the country.
Option 3: Those who test positive and exhibit symptoms will be immediately medically evacuated to their home country for medical purposes.

Q: What if I am a resident and would like to get tested?
We can assist with that!  The cost for testing outside of requirement for the Travel Health Visa will be $50 per test.

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