Thirty classes in thirty days is no joke! We invite you to start with the intro challenge of ten classes in thirty days. If you feel ready to dive in and go for a full thirty you can do it at any time. Just remember the challenge is here to support you and not stress you out. No matter what, you have the entire studio cheering you on and rooting for you to flow towards your most vibrant life! If life gets complicated and you need to restart your challenge, you simply start again.
Vibrant Vicory
After 10 classes at the studio you have officially reached a vibrant victory and we want to celebrate you! Make sure to tell the front desk when you hit this marker. 

Class Schedule
Free Personal Tracker
Intentionality supports any project. Below is a printable 30 day tracker to help you plan your classes and remember to diversify the types of classes you are attending so you don't burnout.
Free Tracker
Extra Insentives!
We have created a little extra motivation to make it to your mat this month. 

Vibrant Victory Challenge Extra Incentive:
10 Classes in 30 days get 10% off your next purchase in retail or free vibe water bottles.

30 Classes in 30 days get a free t-shirt and 30% off your first month membership or next months payment. 
(*while supplies last)