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PDO Threads

Dr. Roberto Penne-Casanova, MD has been providing our Guests with amazing results from PDO Thread Lift. They can be used anywhere on the body to lift, and contour the skin. In fact, he is now training other physicians on his techniques to obtain the best possible outcomes! Schedule your complimentary consultation now. Be ready for the next BIG event in your life without surgery!

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PDO threads have been used for decades, although they only recently became a widely used cosmetic treatment. Historically, medical practitioners used these threads as sutures during surgery. That’s because they can be safely absorbed by your body over time. Unlike the PDO threads used for surgical sutures, Dr. Roberto Penne-Casanova, MD primarily uses PDO threads that have directional barbs or twists along them. He places these threads wherever your skin needs a lifting and tightening effect. He uses a specialized cannula to place the thread in the desired location. Once in place, the barbs or twists anchor the thread, ensuring that it can lift your skin to the desired location. But that’s not all. The placement of the thread itself triggers your skin to produce collagen, the protein that keeps your skin smooth and tight.  As your skin slowly absorbs the thread in the coming months, it’s replaced by a new network of collagen. This means the results from a PDO thread lift can last approximately 18 months or more.
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