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Weight Management

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to unhealthy weight gain, and cause preventable illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke and more. At Blue Halo Med Spa, our weight loss program not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you keep the weight off.

Our Physician and Nurses customize a program for individuals wishing to lose as little as 10 pounds, to those who need to lose more than 100 pounds. Our mission is to help you maintain your new weight for the long-term and enjoy improved health and energy.

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Just about everyone could benefit from a weight loss management program with a healthier diet, outlining rules, and goals that are realistic and achievable. A registered dietitian looks at your lifestyle holistically to give you the guidelines, resources and motivation you need to make a healthy change.

Many studies have shown that people with low levels of B-12 are more likely to be overweight, more likely to gain weight and have more difficulty losing weight. Low B-12 means low energy, and low energy leads to a sedentary lifestyle and taking the easy (and often unhealthy) way out when it comes to diet. Low vitamin B-12 levels can also cause anemia, making you feel lethargic. B-12 helps you generate healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen to every system, organ and cell in your body. When B-12 levels are low, red blood cells can’t get enough oxygen to your tissues, leaving you exhausted.


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