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Our group will be treated like VIPs on this ultra-luxury ship.  We'll have lots of fun activities to get to know each as we sail through some of the most beautiful places in the world.  Imagine waking up to breakfast on your balcony each morning with a new port to amaze you.  Go explore new places with included shore excursions and have the ship as your home base.  No packing or unpacking.  Enjoy some time lounging by the pool as the crew asks you what they can get for you.  Maybe some afternoon tea (can we say themed each day with over the top displays of treats- don't miss chocolate afternoon tea.)  Fabulous dinner with new friends followed by excellent shows, live music and more.  Then, get to do it all over again the next day.  I can't wait and hope you'll join our group.  I'll be onboard to ensure everything goes not just smoothly but above your expectations.  We'll visit Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Crete and Italy on this fabulous itinerary.
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A little about me
I love hosting groups and meeting new people and introducing new friends to new places. I’ve always been passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures.  I wanted to go visit a friend I met at summer camp who lived in a different country.  My parents told me I could go if I could get the money for the airfare.  That was the start of it- I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, babysat, anything and pulled it together.  Then the following year I wanted to go on a school trip to Italy and the following year to spend the summer as an exchange student in Spain.  I’ve been back now more than 10 times (and in much more luxury) but those first trips really changed my life and my outlook of other cultures.  I still get so excited each trip I take and have loved seeing places through the eyes of my daughters and granddaughter.  I am very passionate about experiencing new things and make sure all of my clients have the opportunity to experience the local cultures they are visiting.  I love taking care of all of the details and being there to advocate so you can just enjoy your precious adventure.  Live each day like the precious gift it is.   

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