The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has put organisations and employees on alert. This information can help keep employees informed about the coronavirus, as well as offer guidance on how to remain healthy and deal with the emotional impacts of the outbreak. Keep in mind that your GuidanceResources programme is available to you and your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with virtually any issue. 
Coronavirus Overview and
Vaccine Information
The links below connect to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 page, which is regularly updated to keep you informed and valuable information on the vaccine.
Vaccine FAQ
Coronavirus Tracking
This link from the World Health Organization tracks the reported incidences of COVID-19 infection country by country worldwide.
Return To Work Guide
With many regions and businesses beginning to reopen, this guide offers tips on making the transition from home office back to the workplace. 

NEW  Resiliency and Languishing 

Recent events have left us stressed, anxious and wrung out. These materials explain how to keep those emotions in check.
A Relaxation Break
Offer this interactive experience to employees who are feeling stressed about recent events. 
Coronavirus Webinars
These trainings can help those dealing with uncertainty amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and those navigating the transition to working from home.
How Your EAP Can Help
This short video explains how your EAP programme can help, particularly during stressful times.
Working Remotely Guide
With more people being asked to work from home, these guides offer tips to managers and employees for adjusting to the change.