FMLASource Employer Toolkit
Leave management can be complex. With guidance from FMLASource, it doesn't have to be. The following resources explain how to get the most from your FMLASource program, keep you on top of the latest changes in FMLA and ADA regulations, and offer guidance to HR leaders and employees to help take the guesswork and uncertainty out of absence management. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Leave Management

Understand the basics of leave management and how FMLASource can support your operations. 


Our FMLASource experts keep you up to date with the latest trends in absence management. Follow the link for access to our webinars for HR and Absence Management professionals.

FMLASource Communications

Keeping your absence management team and your organization as a whole informed about leaves and their regulations can be a full-time job in and of itself. These resources can help streamline the process.

Compliance Updates

FMLA, ADA and the ever-growing number of state leave laws are under constant reinterpretation from both legislatures and the courts. Get the latest updates here.

Reporting and Analytics

FMLASource offers a robust set of reporting and analytics tools. These guides can help you stay on top of leaves of absence and avoid costly mistakes with your absence management practices. 

Health and Wellness Resources

Not all leaves can be avoided, but keeping your workforce mentally and physically healthy is a good way to reduce costly absences. These materials from the health experts at ComPsych GuidanceResources are a good place to start.

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