Toolkit for Managers and Supervisors
Managing a modern workforce isn’t easy. Your GuidanceResources Employee Assistance Program can help. We offer confidential, professional counseling and other resources for resolving your employees' personal, family or workplace issues. The program is designed to keep these issues from spilling over into the workplace or unduly affecting employee behavior and performance. Among the many benefits are:
  • Increased productivity and reduced health care costs  
  • Better retention of valued employees
  • Reduced absenteeism, accidents and grievance
  • Improved employee morale

How the EAP Works

Your program has been designed to give you and your employees simple, fast, direct access to confidential services 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone, online or via our mobile site. Here is a scenario for how the program can help, an overview of typical services offered and a video explaining individual counseling services.
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Understanding Referrals

The best way to encourage employee use of EAP services is to refer them. Consider an EAP referral when an employee’s performance is not meeting established performance standards. The goal of the referral is to assist the employee in resolving work or home issues that may be impacting their performance. Click the buttons below to better understand when a referral may be suggested, referral categories and when a referral might need to be mandatory.
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The Manager's Role

As management, you are the cornerstone of a successful EAP. You are in the best position to observe your employees’ performance, attendance and conduct. It is your responsibility to document any performance issues and to take corrective action, if indicated. When an employee’s performance falls below established standards, discuss your concerns with Human Resources and develop a course of action, including a referral to the EAP, if appropriate.
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Promoting Engagement

Your EAP is a tool to promote a healthier, more productive workforce. As such, promotional materials are provided to your internal benefits manager, and new materials are added regularly. Be sure that your employees receive these materials and encourage them to use the services they promote.
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Additional Services

In addition to the standard services that are part of your EAP, the GuidanceResources program offers additional tools to help managers with critical incidents, management consultations and workplace training and development.
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Download Manager Toolkit

To reference your Manager Toolkit at anytime, simply download and print a PDF version below. 
Note on Services
Remember, GuidanceResources benefits are strictly confidential. If you have questions regarding your company’s program, please contact your internal benefits manager or EAP account manager.

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